Graduated compression stockings are vital in the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency and problem veins. Stockings are needed to help support your leg veins and improve their efficiency in returning blood to the heart. This can result in an improvement in leg symptoms such as aching, cramping, heaviness, tiredness, and swelling. These symptoms are often gradual and have been occurring for so long that patients don’t even realize how badly they legs felt until they start wearing compression stockings.

Wearing compression stocking regularly may help reduce the risk of developing varicose veins or lessen their severity. They can also reduce the risk of blood clots. Moreover, compression stockings are important in post-treatment care of varicose veins for both complication risk reduction and better treatment outcomes.

We provide on-site custom fitting for prescription strength graduated compression stockings. We have a variety of styles and compression strengths to fit everyone’s needs.

Most insurance companies will cover a portion if not all of the cost of the stockings and will typically allow for multiple pairs per year. Your insurance company might ask for a doctor’s prescription for reimbursement, therefore a prescription will be provided to you if it is appropriate.

Compression Stockings